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Pakistan Once Again Asks Indonesia to Bring Kashmir Issues to the UNSC Session

The Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Abdul Salik Khan, conveyed on Friday, September 6, 2019, that he hoped that Indonesia could raise the issue of Kashmir in the UN Security Council general assembly and discuss it together with member countries. “We want Indonesia, as a country with a majority Muslim population who are ready to defend human rights around the world, to provide assistance to Pakistan which has become the best partner,” Ambassador Salik Khan said after a press conference at the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in Jakarta.

According to Ambassador Salik Khan, Indonesia – as a non-permanent member of the UNSC – has a crucial role on the global scene. Indonesia has repeatedly led the world’s attention to the problems in Palestine, the Rohingya, the involvement of peacekeepers in Lebanon and Afghanistan, and so on.

“We hope to be able to gain Indonesian support regarding the Kashmir issue at the UNSC. Our Prime Minister (Imran Khan) has called President Joko Widodo and asked him to support Pakistan,” Ambassador Salik Khan said again.

“Our Foreign Minister also exchanged messages. So, communication has been carried out at every level of government concerned. We need the support of Indonesia as a non-permanent member of the UNSC, we need Indonesian assistance related to the special status of Jammu and Kashmir,” he said.

Pakistan which requested that the Kashmir issue be brought to the UN Security Council meeting, the Indonesian Foreign Ministry said that the move was a form of approach of each country in the world.

“It is legitimate that each country has their own approach in trying to solve each problem,” said PLT Spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia Teuku Faizasyah in Jakarta, Thursday (08/15/2019).

“It’s just to see the extent of their approach. Can it be part of the solution to the existing problems. From the Indonesian side, we always hold that Kashmir will be more elegant for the problem if Pakistan and India open dialogue,” he added.

He added; “Because of the communication stalemate that causes the emergence of scarcity of information that can lead to various interpretations and increase the escalation of the problem.”

Meanwhile, according to the Director of Multirateral Cooperation of the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Febrian Ruddyard said that Indonesia’s diplomacy towards world peace will always be carried out.

“Our diplomacy in the UN Security Council is basically two, namely peace and security. So whatever we do, how can the UN contribute to peace and actually increase the escalation of conflict,” explained Febrian.

“Until now the request has been submitted, but there must be approval from other member countries to discuss this issue,” he added.

Febrian also added; “We will wait for the decision of the members of the UN Security Council. But even if it is discussed, I feel that the added value must be present. In the sense of added value not to increase the escalation and encouragement of the two countries to be able to carry out this discussion bilaterally.”

For the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, solving problems bilaterally is the main key to solving the Kashmir problem.

“In the UN Security Council, Indonesia’s position emphasizes the importance of the two countries to mutual restraint and can resolve bilaterally,” Febrian said.

Earlier, the Pakistani government asked the UN Security Council to hold a meeting that discussed India’s decision to revoke the special autonomy of Kashmir and Jammu.

The request was submitted in writing by Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi to DK.

“Pakistan will not provoke conflict. But India should not mistake our silence as a weakness,” Qureshi said.

In the same letter, the Pakistani Foreign Minister said he would respond if India again used its power. He called it “self-defense” which would devote “all of his abilities,” Al Jazeera reported.

In addition, PLT Spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, Teuku Faizasyah said that Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi had met with Ambassadors from India and Pakistan regarding the solution of the Kashmir conflict which became a regional issue in the region.

“Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi has met and had dialogues with the Pakistani Ambassador and Deputy Indian Ambassador on regional issues in the region,” Faizasyah said.

“In the meeting, in principle Foreign Minister Retno had listened to the perspectives of the two countries. Departing from that information, Indonesia had also delivered a message, namely the message of peace,” he added.

For Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi Pakistan and India are Indonesia friendly countries and important for Indonesia.

“Pakistan and India are very important for Indonesia and are friendly countries for Indonesia. The Foreign Minister also believes that the two countries can contribute to world peace,” explained Faizasyah.

“Not only contributing to regional peace but also contributing to the world,” he added.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also stressed that open conflict will not benefit any party. It is detrimental to the two countries and will be a threat to the welfare of society.

“Departing from the issue, we encourage dialogue and communication between the two parties, namely Pakistan and India,” explained Faizasyah

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