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Indian airstrikes in Kashmir will be appointed as Bollywood films

The Bollywood film industry will once again make films based on true stories. This time, the narrative will be based on Indian air strikes on Pakistan over the Kashmir conflict.

The film was lifted on the February 26 attack by India in response to the suicide bombing on February 14 claimed by militant group Jaish-e-Mohammad. A tragedy that killed 40 Indian soldiers in New Delhi-controlled Kashmir.

Film producers call it a show “the latest patriotic touches the silver screen” as reported by The Guardian on Sunday (8/25/2019).

It was known that Pakistan and India had been confronting for days. There was even a dramatic incident where Islamabad shot down Bollywood’s jet fighter, with the pilot being released as a “sign of peace”.

This new film will be produced by Vivek Oberoi, who co-produced the biography of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi – where the release was postponed so as not to disrupt this year’s election.

This film will highlight the story of Abhinandan Varthaman, an Indian fighter jet pilot. At that time the military plane he was driving was shot down by Pakistan.

“This film is a powerful tool to underline the achievements of brave officers such as Wing Commander Abhinandan, who go behind enemy lines and do what makes every Indian proud of them,” Oberoi was quoted as saying by Indian media.

Kashmir itself has been divided between India and Pakistan since the end of British colonial rule in 1947. Both countries claim full Himalayan territory and have fought twice.

Earlier this month India relinquished part of regional autonomy, sent tens of thousands of additional troops and forced the closure and blackout of communications which on Friday had entered its 19th day.

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