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AI Technology as a Human Companion

“Imagine a machine with a full range of human emotions. Its analytical power will be greater than the collective intelligence of every person in the history of the world.” (Johnny Deep – Transcendence, 2014).

Do you remember the Johnny Deep dialogue, which played Dr. Will Caster in the film Transcedence? This dialogue can be said as a representation of the development of artificial intelligence in the coming era. Let’s try to describe in the future how the situation we will face when finally what was created by Dr. The Will Caster is really around us. For example, we currently live in 2029.

Imagine there are some people who are still working in the same office as today, you go to work as usual. But what’s different is that your office building has pinned various sensors and the Internet of Things (IoT), so that all employee related data is processed by Artificial Intelligence (AI). This AI will make decisions and give access to every visitor of the building, and when you look out of the building it turns out that you have implemented what is called a Smart City, with Autonomous Vehicles both on land and in the air.

Not only that, now let us imagine in the middle of the journey, you will find various sensors that can recognize you not only as a professional worker, but also can recognize your personality. All your track records will be detected, not to drop but as a database for the building you will go to to determine what decisions will be given to you when you visit. This means that the sensors will help recognize the potential of every visitor who comes.

 The implementation of technology in every inch of life and work environment is expected to begin in the next decade. Call it AI, smart city, IoT and autonomous vehicles will be around our work environment. Then how do we ensure that we do not lose our function and identity as human beings, continue to work as humans despite being surrounded by sophisticated technology.

As professionals, the value to remember is that what we do is started as humans, for humans, and ends with humans. It doesn’t deny that there is an increase in the number of technologies, processes and procedures, but what we do always starts and ends with humans. Technology can continue to develop, innovation can never be dammed, sophistication alongside human life, but the most important thing is how to humanize humans in the midst of increasingly sophisticated technological innovations.

In the end this technological innovation will certainly take over some human work, but will also create a new scope of work. This is the importance of continuing to place people in every technology that is implemented, because otherwise it will only produce bad business.

Limit artificial intelligence in technology

Struggling and developing technology can indeed be an opiate that doesn’t want to stop. Having succeeded with technological innovation, will encourage to develop other technological innovations. Stunning artificial intelligence must be limited so that the function of technology as a tool that helps humans do not turn around and dominate the role of humans in every job. Artificial intelligence is not haram to be embedded in technology, but still must be in human control. The analogy is a hammer that will remain a hammer. Just because a hammer is better directing a nail into a piece of wood than your palm, doesn’t mean that the hammer can design the house that suits you

Humans as the core

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